In order to sustain businesses, it is important to think of long term goals and not be myopic in approach. Hence, as an organization, we have a policy to invest in authentic research that constantly develops new products and application methods besides minimizing waste, shortening production processes and improving existing products.

Today, our products have created a name in the industry and are considered as competitive, convenient and trustworthy worldwide. The R & D department is supported by a pilot plant which ensures smooth transition of our processes, from our research lab to commercial production.

A high and constant level of quality is being warranted by means of certificates of conformity and of analysis.   In this way we come up to the requirements of a steadily increasing number of ISO certified clients.

The R&D department is a crucial arm in the OPIANT body, an internal centre of excellence to service the business and meet customer needs. The key focus areas are:

*  State of the art instrumentation together with well qualified and experienced work force have lent credibility to  OPIANT  through consistent quality of its products.

* Optimization of process chemistry to achieve the highest efficiency and product purity whilst minimizing effluent production.